Introduction Short Walk Seminars

Come do the "Short Walk To Freedom" seminar! Why? Because we are all prisoners without knowing. Experience this 3 day liberating leadership seminar on Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for many years.Robben Island is a World Heritage site close to Cape Town with a view of Table Mountain in the background.


"If you learn from the "Long walk to freedom", from great leaders throughout history, your road to liberty will be considerably shorter. This will give you more time to lead your people to greater heights." - Gustav Gous


Transforming Leadership:

The Short Walk to Freedom

A three day liberating leadership seminar on Robben Island, Cape Town, South Africa, inspired by the book "Long Walk to Freedom" by former president Nelson Mandela "We as leaders are all prisoners without knowing: Prisoners of paradigms, prejudice end personal pain. If we can learn from prisoners of the past, we can shorten our walk to freedom to leave longer time for leadership in our respective circles." - Gustav Gous.


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