About Dr Gustav Gous

GustavDr. Gustav Gous
Life Coach and Motivational Speaker.

Gustav Gous is an entrepreneur rendering services as management consultant, counsellor, businessman and academic. Loving life, nature, the Creator and people. He is living his life purpose as a dealer in hope, a broker of faith and a giver of love. His mission in life is to make a difference in the lives of others. He is presently: The life coach and confidant of many leaders.

A motivational speaker with national and international experience - one of the few motivational speakers with style and content. He has been for the past 8 years the in-house counsellor for Sasol: Synfeuls. He is also known for his Diamond Profile mentoring programme for top executives. He previously taught at two universities and is presently an experienced business consultant and facilitator. He has received distinctive leadership awards in his lifetime, and is an ardent student of life.

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